Twitter Meets Podcasting

Jun 25th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Software

Dave Winer, who developed one of the standards which podcasting is based on, is excited by the idea of combining audio files with Twitter messages. He calls the combination a “TwitterGram”:

The other day I was thinking about other kinds of Twitters. The thing we like about Twitter is that you can’t post a book-length story about what’s going on right now, you can only do a 140-character synopsis — “I just got on BART” or “Driving to NoobCamp.” It’s one of those Worse Is Better or Less Is More things we like so much about the Internet. So I started making a list of different kinds of Twitter, and immediately gravitated to something I call TwitterGram, where you use the 140 characters to link to a 200K audio message. Think of it as Twitter meets podcasting.

This seems like it could be a good idea to pair with mobilecasting.

Give his message a listen (below) and let him know what you think at his site.

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