Current Multimedia Phones Are Too Complicated For Most People

Jun 28th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music, iPods & Portable Media Players

A new report from JupiterResearch shows that, while millions of people are buying multimedia phones, few are using the phones’ music capabilities.

Highlights of their report:

  • 27.9 million US consumers are expected to have music phones by the end of this year;
  • The music functionality of these phones will remain largely underutilized;
  • Only about five percent of users report sideloading songs onto their phone (i.e., transferring digital songs from a PC to a phone);
  • Only two percent report downloading songs over the air.

The introduction of Apple’s iPhone will bring iPod functionality to mobile phones, which is likely to dramatically increase the number of users sideloading songs via their PC or Mac. However, Apple does not currently support downloading songs over the air, probably because it would be impractical over AT&T’s slow network.

In addition to network limitations, other reasons people aren’t using phones music capabilities include:

  • Prices are too high;
  • People have lots of portable music alternatives; and
  • Multimedia phones are too hard to use for most people.

“Despite strong industry interest in music on mobile phones, adoption remains in its earliest stages,” said David Schatsky, President of JupiterResearch. “It isn’t the type of activity that can be forced into the marketplace, but it is something that should be nurtured in those who have already embraced it.”

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