Social Networking Penetration With Teens Close To 100%

Jun 30th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, Internet TV, Making Money with Podcasts, Streaming Video, Video

AdAge reports that social networking sites now reach an amazing 96% of online tweens and teens.  71% of online tweens and teens connect to a social network at least once a week, making them some of the most popular sites on the Internet.

For companies that want to reach teens, the study suggests that social networking sites and Internet media may soon be as important as television.

Highlights of the study include:

  • Social networking is approaching parity with TV time among 9- to 17-year-olds.
  • When kids are multitasking, they’re four times more likely to pay closer attention to whatever they’re doing online than to whatever they’re watching on the tube.
  • Parent’s perspectives on social networking hasn’t been thoroughly analyzed, with most discussion limited to alarmist views (ie., MySpace is full of sexual predators).
  • Many kids¬†are actually connecting to their parents via a social network.

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