Inside The iPhone

Jul 1st, 2007 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players, Strange

iPhone Dissection

The folks at iFixit, a site that specializes in upgrades for Apple gear, has posted a detailed, high-res, step-by-step dissection of the iPhone.

On the other hand, ThatNimrod managed to get his iPhone open and into pieces in under a minute:

iPhone Destruction

Smashed iPod

But will it blend?


4 Responses to “Inside The iPhone”

  1. JRBeaman says:

    What an idiot.
    I guess the $600 was to get him his 15 seconds of fame?
    He says ‘so I could see what was inside’?
    He could have done that for free… and learned something too.
    We are getting dumber and dumber. 🙁

  2. Sverny says:

    Absolute morons!!!! There are plenty of professional tech sites that dissected the iphone without the aid of a hammer and chisel(screwdriver). $600.00 is meaningless to those who have no brains. What set of parents hatched these nimrods? They should have been sterilized to stop the spread of these particular stupid genes. STOP THE MORONIC GENERATION!!

  3. info says:

    JR & Sverny – These guys may have little too much money on their hands.

    I’m not sure if they should get sterilized to stop the spread of stupid genes, though. I might qualify for that particular surgery for spending $600 on a @#$# phone.

    FYI – the iPhone blends…

  4. someone with sense says:

    WUT IDIOTS!!!! why the hell would they spend $600 for ^@#$% phone in the first place? and if they had one why the hell would they destroy it? couple of whackjobs

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