Apple iPhone Sold Out At Most Stores

Jul 3rd, 2007 | By | Category: iPhone, iPods & Portable Media Players

Apple iPhone Sold Out At Most StoresApple has run out of iPhones at more than half its stores less than a week after introducing the combination iPod music player and handset in the U.S. AT&T has also sold out of the phone in almost all its 1,800 stores.

Buyers emptied Apple stores in 10 states, with 95 of 164 stores reporting sellouts last night, according to Apple’s Web site.

Analysts are estimating Apple’s weekend iPhones sales as between 500,000 and 700,000.

In related news, analysts are estimating Apple’s profits on the iPhone at at least 50%.

On Tuesday, research company iSuppli reported iPhone manufacturing costs to be $265.83, a margin of more than 55 percent for every 8 gigabyte iPhone it sold for $599.

iSuppli is still fine-tuning its report and it now thinks the product’s margin is more than 50 percent, when accounting for factors like royalties and software costs.

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  2. Michael T says:

    It’s just disgraceful the way these people manipulate the public. And on top of it all, to have it work with only one service. The marketplace will eventually provide choice and competition. Don’t buy now – that’s just empowering the manipulators and the people who clog up the lines just to resell theirs.

  3. info says:


    I’m liking my sweet iPhone. I had all the same limitations with my previous phone, and the iPhone completely kicks my old phone’s butt.

    I’m not sure how that’s empowering anybody except for people that are getting more from their mobile phones….

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