The Hand-Knit iPhone

Jul 6th, 2007 | By | Category: iPhone, iPods & Portable Media Players

Hand Knit iPhone

Can’t afford an iPhone? Then get your mom to knit one!

That’s what Greg at did:

My mom was insanely cool even before she knitted an iPhone. Last week, as the hype was peaking, I braced for reports of kids across the country grabbing for their parents’ new iPhones; it was a drool-soaked disaster waiting to happen, like all those people who flung their Wii controllers into their flatscreens because they didn’t think they really needed that wrist strap. Obviously, I thought, a kid needs his own iPhone so he won’t play with his dad’s. So I asked my mom if she could knit one. And she did. Frankly, I think it’s cooler than the Steve Jobs version.

It may be sort of stupidtastic – it won’t let you watch video podcasts, surf YouTube or make phone calls – but for Greg, it’s homemade proof that¬†his mom is insanely cool.

And that’s better than an iPhone, any day of the week.

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