Bizarre iPod Dock Turns Your Crotch Into Mobile Broadcasting System

Jul 6th, 2007 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players, Strange

iPod Bike dock

iHome has released a new iPod dock…..for your bike.

iHome’s Bike-to-Beach Speaker For iPod is a water-resistant iPod speaker case that clamps to your bike frame. A handlebar-mounted remote control allows for safe cycling while listening to your tunes.

Yes – it’s a little strange, and we’re not sure that the world needs bikers wielding mobile broadcasting systems, but here’s the specs…..

  • Listen to your iPod at home or while biking anywhere
  • Charges your iPod when connected to AC adaptor(included)
  • Works with docking iPod models
  • Reson8 technology with passive speaker for full, rich sound
  • Mounted wireless RF remote control for safer control while biking
  • Comes with mounting bracket and all hardware
  • Bike mounted remote control for safe riding
  • Tough water and impact-resistant polycarbonate case

via Axehole: New iPod Dock Makes Beautiful Music Shoot Out Of Your Sweaty Crotch

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  1. Ross Gaylen says:

    Any word on one for motorcycles?

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