Sonic Chair Takes Its Cue From The Prisoner

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Sonic chair

The sonic chair is an unusual new chair¬†designed to provide “a unique audio experience, allowing you to sit at the very centre of a sound system.” It has input jacks for connecting iPods and other MP3 players, stereos and gaming systems, and according to the designers, provides an excellent listening experience without disturbing others.

The chair also promises to let you relive scenes from the cult television classic The Prisoner, which featured a cryptical character, Number 2, that favored a similar chair:

Prisoner chair


  • open design for a highly resonant sound environment
  • passive and active acoustic insulation (phase angle)
  • backrest made of rugged mesh
  • seating ring can be rotated (up to 350¬∞)
  • pedestal is made of stainless steel with concealed cables, a five-star base optional¬†

The Sonic Chair is available in a variety of styles and colors and retails for about $8000.

If you need information, here are the specs….

  • specially developed four-channel amplifier in patented class D technology to allow separate regulation of both stereo channels, the subwoofer, an several body-focused sound generators
  • equipped with high-quality loud speakers featuring separate tweeters and mid-woofers as well as a Scandinavian-made woofer from SEAS
  • crossovers especially designed for the sonic chair in a 12 dB filter topology with high-end air-core coils and foil condensers
  • support of the low frequency range from 16 to 40 Hz through silent physical vibration

Sonic Chair colors 

Other features:

  • round sandblasted glass sidetable
  • integrated computer / monitor: iMac 17‚Äù touchscreen or iMac 20‚Äù touchscreen
  • iPod docking station: charger and an iPod jack
  • integrated monitor: 15‚Äù touch display for connection to an external computer

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  2. Study Guide says:

    Interesting. It reminds me more of the chair in Men in Black. I wonder how much it costs?

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