Blistering Broadband! Swedish Woman Gets Fastest Internet Connection Ever

Jul 13th, 2007 | By | Category: General

Sweden’s The Local, an English-language news source, reports that Sigbritt L√∂thberg, a 75-year old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden, now has the fastest home Internet connection in the world. L√∂thberg’s home has been supplied with a 40 Gigabits per second connection, thousands of times faster than the average residential link.

According to the report, the connection could let Sigbritt enjoy 1,500 high definition HDTV channels simultaneously, or download a full high definition DVD in just two seconds.

The connection was a demonstration project by¬†Cisco’s¬†Peter L√∂thberg.

“Peter L√∂thberg wanted to show how you can build a low price, high capacity line over long distances,” said network boss Hafsteinn Jonsson.

The demonstration highlights the potential for Internet-based media…and also the sorry state of US broadband. Japanese broadband averages speeds about 32 times as fast as US speeds.

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