Sony’s Video Sharing Site Makes You Feel Dirty Even After A Shower

Jul 16th, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Strange, Streaming Video, Video

CrackleSony has launched a new video sharing site, Crackle, formerly known as Grouper, and unfortunately, still a YouTube wannabe.

According to Sony, “Crackle‚Äôs comprehensive approach includes a unique programming and editorial strategy, wide-reaching global distribution platforms and collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, the IMPROV Comedy franchise and other leading media companies.”

In other words, Sony is cutting deals to get some exclusive content with the idea that commercial content is the secret to creating a YouTube-killer.

More promising is Crackle’s plan to reward video creators:

“We reward the best video creators with Crackle funding, promotion, syndication and even greater exposure to our large media partners,” said Josh Felser, founder and co-president of Crackle. “Great content surfaced from our open studio model is the key to our success.”

While Crackle has some interesting features,¬†the site is slow,¬†it uses a lot of scrolling windows, videos are constantly starting by themselves and, most importantly, the site doesn’t do a great job of bubbling up good content that’s keyed into your interests.

If you’re looking for videos that “make you feel dirty even after a shower”, though, Sony’s got you covered:

Crackle is too sexy

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