PodTech Says Goodbye To Irina Slutsky, Geek Entertainment TV, & A Cool Half Million

Jul 19th, 2007 | By | Category: General

NewTeeVee reports that PodTech, a tech podcasting startup, has let go Geek Entertainment TV (GETV) host Irina Slutsky, citing a shift in the company’s focus.

PodTech founder John Furrier noted that his company had spent over $500,000 on GETV, and it had failed to meet his goals.

“I had a vision that [GETV] could be a really great franchise,” said PodTech founder John Furrier. “But it just didn’t click.”

PodTech has focused much of its energy on developing video podcasts by geek-tech personalities like Slutsky, Robert Scoble and Jason Calacanis. While PodTech is featuring some respected techies, none has yet demonstrated that they have mainstream appeal.

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  1. Tokyo Dan says:

    Good riddance to that video. I’m white and If there’s anything I hate is a bunch of weak-assed, white, mother’s boys and girls trying to act ‘bad’ like their from the ghetto. Weak rapping and tired dancing. Send them back to their boy and girl scout troops. Get the real McCoy – some real tough black kids – to do this properly.

    Geek (in the derogatory way) Entertainment TV is right on the spot.

  2. Tachi Tim says:

    Ditch this primitive “wigger” tribal nonsense called entertainment/music. Why don’t you just take a film crew to the hinterland of Africa and get the real thing to bring back to “civilization.”

  3. […] Pioneering podcaster and PodTech CEO John Furrier has posted a defense of the company, which has struggled to become profitable, failed to find new investors and has had to¬†let go some of its content creators. The company has also been subjected to scathing coverage recently, especially¬†from “tech gossip rag” Valleywag, which described PodTech as “the Valley’s worst video network.” […]

  4. Eric says:

    It’s clear that Tokyo Dan and Tachi Tim don’t “get” the video (it’s meant as joke. Hellooooo? Sense of humor, anyone?), but holy crap! Tachi Tim, your comment is probably one of the most offensively racist screeds I’ve read in a long time.


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