Verizon Intros Direct YouTube Uploads

Jul 24th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Internet TV, Podcasting Hardware

VerizonVerizon Wireless announced today a feature that we expect to become more and more common with digital cameras, video cameras and mobile phones – direct uploading to the Internet.

Verizon customers can record video with their wireless phones and upload the videos directly to YouTube using an easy to remember number – YTUBE (98823).

To use the service, Verizon customers need to update their YouTube accounts with their wireless phone numbers by visiting Users can then upload short mobile videos to YouTube over Verizon Wireless’ wireless broadband network by sending their message to YTUBE (98823). Videos will post live in minutes. Standard messaging rates apply.

While Verizon’s announcement is¬†a move in the right direction, we’d like to see mainstream device support for open publishing standards, so that people could easily post photos and videos from their mobile devices to not just Flickr or YouTube, but also to personal blogs, vlogs and video podcasts.


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  1. Bigthawt says:

    Two great ideas for this:
    Watching on YouTube my favorite band play their new song a few minutes after they finish ripping it on stage somewhere would be great.

    A group of citizen journalists should assemble and do some live reporting from around a city. People should be able to submit their videos to one channel that residents of the city can subscribe to. Imagine a bystander at a crime scene records a video and that clip is posted a few minutes after the event occurs.

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