Google Wants Your Mad Video-Making Skills

Jul 25th, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

Google is looking for mad video-making skills, nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills….

Actually, just the mad video-making skills. Here’s the scoop from Google:

A few of us on the Gmail team came up with an idea to stitch together a bunch of video clips that all share one element: someone hands the Gmail M-velope in from the left of the screen, and hands it off to the right. Put them all together, and they form one long chain of hand-offs. We thought it would be fun to let everyone in on the action. Just go to, where you’ll find directions on how to submit your clip (including a PDF of the Gmail M-velope you can use in your video). We’ll be accepting clips until August 13th. We’ll then take a selection of the submitted clips and edit them together into one final video, which we’ll release to the world on August 20th.

Here’s a preview of what they are looking for:

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    Google is searching for something? Hope they find relevant results ^^

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