Man Suing Apple Over iPhone’s Planned Obsolescence

Jul 28th, 2007 | By | Category: iPhone

An Oakbrook, Illinois man is suing Apple and AT&T over the planned obsolescence of the iPhone’s battery, which is designed to rechargeable to full capacity 300-400 times. According to the suit:

The battery enclosed in the iPhone can only be charged approximately 300 times before it will be in need of replacement, necessitating a new battery annually for owners of the iPhone.

We’ll have to see if this goes anywhere – but it would be nice if Apple would at least equip its stores to do on the spot replacements to minimize inconvenience for people that spent $500-600 on their phone.

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  1. Murphy says:

    That guy’s a freakin’ eejit, but I agree ‚Äî the Apple stores should be equipped to do on-the-spot battery replacements.

  2. heywood says:

    Maybe this guy is on to something. I think I will sue my present phone maker because I have to keep buying batteries which at some point will no longer be made necessitating me to upgrade. Then there is BMW that sold me a car that I have to put gas in every week and someday will need to be replaced (OK, it is 11 1/2 yo so far but it cost more than a phone)….the guy that put in my lawn that needs constant watering, mowing, weeding, seeding….the guy that built my house, Parker Pen Co., Gillette, ink jet printers, etc.

    Same thing was said about iPods and other options developed.

  3. “rechargeable to full capacity 300-400 times” does not mean the battery is dead after 400 charges. It means that it loses capacity after that time (e.g. instead of eight hours of battery life you only get six hours).

    I agree it would be nice to have battery replacement at Apple stores, but the wording of the suit is extremely misleading. You don’t have to replace the battery annually!

  4. TommyT says:

    What a moron… does he also sue Palm and other such companies that provide battery powered devices? How about his car battery, that’s only going to last sooo long… what a moron.

  5. Christy says:

    I agree, this guy is an idiot. Kevin says it best, it doesn’t mean it’s unusable after 400 charges it just loses it’s capacity, the jerk knows NOTHING about batteries… It’ll just cost him legal fees for zip… proving he’s an idiot.

    As far as the cost of the iPhone being high, did you ever check out the cost of high-end Treo’s, Blackberry’s etc?

    The unlimited data plan is a good deal actually if you “use” a lot of data on your phone.

  6. […] The Board announced complaints against Apple, echoing an iPhone¬†lawsuit filed recently by an Illinois man. The iPhone’s battery must be replaced by Apple when the battery no longer holds a charge. Apple charges $79 plus $6.95 shipping for out-of warranty battery replacement. […]

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