PodTech PR Troubles Turn Into A-List Blogger Catfight

Jul 28th, 2007 | By | Category: Corporate Podcasts, Podcasting Networks, Video Podcasts

PodTechPodcasting and video podcasting startup PodTech has had its share of negative coverage recently, being described by some as “the Valley’s worst video network.” The company has been struggling to get additional funding, has recently let some of its staff go and has been criticized for the quality of its content.

PodTech CEO John Furrier’s attempts to put some positive spin on the company’s situation, though, appear to have backfired. Even worse for PodTech, the situation has devolved into a A-list blogger catfight between former Microsoft blogger and current PodTech employee Robert Scoble and TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington.

“Techcrunch got a lot of things wrong,” said Scoble, “including that we’re getting out of the content business.”

“If I got the story wrong, its because John wasn’t being clear in how he describes the company,” responded TechCrunch’s Arrington. “It’s bullshit to call this out publicly.”

Arrington responded with a TechCrunch post, telling PodTech “I’m not your VP Marketing,” adding “I personally find 90% of Podtech content just slightly more entertaining than watching paint dry.”

PodTech needs to forget about spinning its situation, and instead focus on its content. If PodTech is staying in the content business, like Furrier and Scoble have said, the company needs to figure out how to deliver good content that has some mainstream appeal, and it needs to do it quickly.

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