New York Complains To Apple About iPhone Battery

Jul 30th, 2007 | By | Category: iPhone, iPods & Portable Media Players

Apple iPhone“A high-end cell phone shouldn’t have to have low-end customer service,” says Mindy Bockstein, chairwoman and executive director of the¬†New York’s¬†Consumer Protection Board.

The Board announced complaints against Apple, echoing an iPhone¬†lawsuit filed recently by an Illinois man. The iPhone’s battery must be replaced by Apple when the battery no longer holds a charge. Apple charges $79 plus $6.95 shipping for out-of warranty battery replacement.

“I encourage Apple to redesign the iPhone in order to provide for a replaceable battery,” said Bockstein in the Board’s letter to Steve Jobs.

Bockstein also told Jobs that Apple should provide free rental phones as customers wait for repairs to the iPhone. “Consumers should not have to rent an iPhone for $29 because their expensive iPhone failed to perform as expected and needs repair.”

She also said Apple should extend its 14-day return policy to 30 days¬†and shouldn’t charge a 10-percent restocking fee on returned phones.

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  1. TonyT. says:

    Palm’s $600 Treo phone has simiar problems… you can replace the battery if technically inclined but it is recommended you use Palm… and it voids the warranty…

    Everyone wants to attack success… also good IM Abbreviations at

  2. dave says:

    Yes, if you wouldn’t mind, would you also include a golden egg with each iPhone as well… And would you mind lowering the price of the 8Gb model to $99.

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