AC/DC Blows Off iTunes, Takes Highway To Digital Music Hell

Aug 1st, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music, Strange

AC/DCRock group AC/DC, one of the last remaining big-name holdouts to digital distribution, has announced an exclusive¬†deal with Verizon Wireless’ V CAST Music’s digital music service to deliver their entire music catalog digitally.AC/DC must have negotiated a sweet deal with Verizon, because their deal looks like it could be a highway to digital music hell:

  • They blew off iTunes, the most successful digital music service in the world;
  • They’re only offering most of their music as albums, not as singles; and
  • Their albums are priced higher, at $12, than people are used to paying for digital downloads.

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  1. Murphy says:

    How do you spell dumb?


  2. info says:


    Don’t you think that they must have been guaranteed a chunk of money if they cut the deal?

  3. Good luck to the boys… but I seriously doubt many will be more than the going rate at iTunes.

  4. Lecube says:

    Hopefully this “test” will fail. The music industry is trying to change the digital download industry so they can get control again and charge more.

    I am looking forward to the demise of the big music companies. I want to see the artists get a larger % of the sales. Yes the big groups have tons of $$$, but there are many smaller artists that sign with the big companies and get almost nothing.

    The US$0.99 per track model would work very well in the long-term if the artists got a larger % and the big companies weren’t around anymore.

  5. Biggest Fan says:

    Ouch! Too bad. I’m a long time AC/DC fan – always have been. But I’m also practical. In my mid-30’s now, I once had a sizable CD collection. But when I’d finished the arduous task of importing all my CD’s into iTunes (so that I could cary my all my music with me on my iPod of course), the only place I buy music now is iTunes. I absolutely love it!

    But it’s cool – i’m sure there’s a good reason why the boys went with Verizon ($$$) – I’ll just buy the album the old fashioned way and then import it into iTunes. Hey – look on the bright side – i’ll still physically have all their albums… I’m just glad they’ve finally gotten busy and begun working on the next album! It’s about damn time…

  6. Dave says:

    “Biggest Fan” said:

    “I’ll just buy the album the old fashioned way and then import it into iTunes.”

    No, you won’t.

    AC/DC deployed an advanced level of Macrovision protection in their remastered CDs. Not only will iTunes not import them at all, but all PC-based cd/dvd drives only recognize the disc as “Recordable CD” – and even trying to RECORD onto them fails as well. Fucking BRILLIANT on the part of AC/DC to alienate an assload of fans who only want to use iTunes to manage their music libraries. Of course, now I get to hate their guts over this, even while I refuse to pay $1.29 or whateverthefuck they want over at their website for an MP3 I am perfectly capable of making on my own. I’ll just go on Ebay and find someone who has AC/DCs complete catalog on a couple of DVDs for $30. and buy that. There’s ALWAYS an end run around copy protection! THAT is why DRM is just plain stupid.

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