Facebook Gets NPR Podcast Player

Aug 6th, 2007 | By | Category: General

NPR has introduced a custom branded podcast player for Facebook, based on technology from SplashCast.

The application, called the NPR Podcast Player, displays the latest episodes of a variety of NPR Podcasts. Facebook users can add the application to their profiles to automatically receive new NPR Podcasts episodes to listen to and to share this great content with their friends.

The player is also embeddable:

Add NPR to your page

3 Responses to “Facebook Gets NPR Podcast Player”

  1. Not sure how you can call this a podcast. It’s basically an embeddable Flash player.
    afaik, the files can’t be downloaded, nor can you subscribe to the “podcast” with iTunes.
    The xml file does not follow the RSS specs.
    It seems everyone is trying to jump on the podcasting bandwagon, and changing the definition to suit their marketing needs.

  2. info says:


    It is a podcast player. If you give it a look, you’ll find that there are RSS feeds all over the place within the player, and these can be added to iTunes.

  3. You are right, and I apologize for my rush to judgment. I had seen all the RSS chichlets. But when I subscribed to the lower feed in iTunes, the SplashCast Channel Feed, no episodes are shown.
    Yesterday, when I subscribed to the upper feed, the “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” feed, the show feed, nothing displayed in iTunes either. Today it does.

    Their help files explains the difference. but it was not very clear when neither worked

    What confused me was that they seem to use “channel” to describe more than one feed, when I thought a channel was just one feed, which they call a “Show Feed”. So, their “SplashCast Channel” is not the same as an RSS Channel. And the show feed does work today, when yesterday it didn’t for me. Might have been computer indigestion…or they might have changed something.

    In either case, I now agree the Show Feed is a real podcast.

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