The Top Seven Garageband ’08 Improvements For Podcasters

Aug 7th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Software

Apple today introduced an updated version of Garageband as part of the iLife ’08 personal media suite.

Here’s our pick for the top seven new features or improvements for podcasters:

  • Multi-take recording – this new feature should make it easier for anyone that has a perfectionist side to get the perfect take without a lot of extra hassle. Garageband ’08 lets select a region for multi-take recording, so you can lay down as many takes as you like. When you’re done, you can play back your multi-take region and switch between versions in real time.
  • Save Directly to MP3 – Garageband now lets you save directly to MP3, and supports basic Meta tagging for the files you export.
  • More effects – Garageband ’08 doubles the number of effects that you can add to a channel, removing another limitation that has driven users to other apps.
  • Automation – Effect automation has been one of the features in Garageband that separates it from professional audio apps. Now you can create an automation curve that turn effects off or on, or fades them in and out. Record an interview that needs some noise reduction, but just in one spot? Now you can automatically bring in the effect when you need. it.
  • Arrangements – this is designed to help organize songs into sections like Intro, Verse and Chorus – but the ability to rearrange entire sections of audio as a unit could help streamline podcast show editing.
  • Professional EQ – Apple’s added an uber-eq. While not the most glamorous feature, it introduces a new level of audio tweakability to Garageband. A built-in Analyzer displays the frequencies of each track as it plays, which should make it easier to decide which frequencies to cut or boost.
  • Voices Jam Pack – this isn’t technically a Garageband feature, but is a very interesting add-on. The Voices Jam Pack is a collection of loops and virtual instruments that let you create a variety of vocal effects, ranging from choirs to human beat-boxing. This will appeal the most to people that are integrating their own music into podcasts, or those of us that need a virtual Bobby McFerrin.

There are some nice improvements in Garageband ’08 that should help out podcasters, especially multi-take recording, automation and better EQ. However, the lack of killer new podcasting features leaves lots of room for third-party developers.

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