Didja Announce The Site Prematurely?

Aug 8th, 2007 | By | Category: Streaming Video, Video

USA Network announced today the network’s first independent digital media initiative, Didja.com¬†- a site that the network promises will be all ads.

According to USA Network, “Didja.com is a social networking destination that reinvents the commercial viewing experience by celebrating advertising as entertainment.”

According to us, they should have put something better on their site than search spam before they made their big announcement:


“Didja.com is the logical next step in the changing dynamic between consumers and advertisers,” said Bonnie Hammer, president, USA Network. “There’s no doubt that commercials are major drivers of pop culture – all you have to do is check out traffic on any video-sharing site. We want to own that watercooler conversation and become the go-to destination for on-demand advertising content.”

Ads, Ads And More Ads

According to Didja, the site will celebrate advertising content, inviting every brand, product and agency to submit their respective commercials. In addition, the initiative will offer a handful of charter sponsors the opportunity to be on the ground floor. Didja.com will serve as an innovative way for advertisers to interact with an audience that’s truly connected to their brands.

In order to be successful, Didja will need to do more than make bold promises. They’ll need to convince people to sign up to participate at a site that only offers advertisements. They’ll also need to convince advertisers that the site is worthy of attention, when established video destinations are already in place, with massive user bases.

Variety offers an upbeat look at Didja.

The site is due to launch early 2008.

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