Hate iMovie ’08? You’ve Got Company

Aug 9th, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Podcasting Software, Video, Video Podcasts, Vlogs

imovie'08Apple introduced a completely rewritten iMovie in the iLife ’08 suite earlier this week. But, while the new iMovie streamlines production of simple videos, some users are also finding that Apple dropped their favorite features from iMovie HD, the previous version.

iMovie ’08 eliminates timeline-style editing, which can make it more difficult to do things like syncing video to audio. In our initial tests, we’ve also found that there are video cameras that worked with iMovie HD that are no longer compatible with the new version.

Fortunately, Apple feels your pain and has made iMovie HD available as a download. We’ve tested running both apps on one machine and it works fairly seamlessly.

Let’s hope that iMovie gets an update that combines the best of both apps, though. We’d like to see the timeline return, with¬†Garageband ’08 style sections. Let us know if you’ve got other wish list items for iMovie ’08.

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  1. Wow. I’m so glad they made the older version downloadable. I was panicking. I do all my video podcasts with iMovie and the new version actually feels like you lose a lot of control that was available in the older version. I understand Apple wanting to make it super easy to use though. THAT they’ve got figured out with the new version.

    Your pal,


  2. info says:


    I’m trying to keep an open mind about the new version, but it seems like it’s made a huge speed leap for making simple things, but thrown out the ability to do slightly more complex work.

  3. Study Guide says:

    Info, perhaps your right. But then again, what more would you expect from Apple.

  4. Dan Connolly says:

    I’ve always loved iMovie since the OS 9 version. This new application shouldn’t even be called iMovie. I don’t think you can even extract audio from a clip on this thing.

    It looks like Apple decided to replace the real iMovie with this poor excuse for a clip manager in order to get more people to shell out for FCE and FCP. Don’t fool yourselves iMOVIE AS WE’VE KNOWN IT IS GONE, NEVER TO RETURN!!!!


    I’m sure Apple has already discontinued support for 06 and sooner that later Apple will stop including 06 all together.

  5. Glenn says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Apple’s products, but they really missed the mark big time on this one! I can’t believe after all this time waiting for a new improved iMovie, Apple gives us this dud. I was looking forward to an enhanced iMovie with more effects, more themes, maybe even new editing features like a second video layer, etc. Instead, they took a huge leap backward by getting rid of some of their best features. No more timeline. Video effects are gone as well. And themes, probably the most exciting new edition to iMovie HD 6, are gone as well. I’ll admit that this new iMovie is really easy to use, but they could have done that without taking away so many features. They could have created a bimodal iMovie, with this new iMovie as the “easy” mode and the old iMovie as the “advanced” mode. In their quest to dumb down their product to appeal to beginners, Apple has left us longtime iMovie users in the cold. I’m glad they left iMovie HD as a free download, but I think we deserve more.

  6. […] Apple today released Final Cut Express 4, a update to its popular video editing software, with a new price of $199. With the reduced price, this looks to be the option for video podcasters and vloggers that found iMovie 8 to be incomplete and dumbed down. Final Cut Express 4 adds: […]

  7. SRegan says:

    I think the direction Apple have gone with iMovie ’08 is a huge mistake. With HD 6 Apple had one indisputable area of superiority over its competition – the industry standard for video editing. iMovie ’08 is arguably less powerful than Windows Movie Maker. No-one is going to use iMovie ’08 professionally – it’s become a no-brainer, casual-use program. That leaves FCE as Apple’s sole OS X-only industry-standard software suite. I suspect Apple are going to regret alienating professional video makers with their new simplistic updates of classic programs.

  8. kaby says:

    im a new mac user, my fist thouth of imovie8 was just a big could of confusing thouths. ive dune so many tutorials now to learn it and still i cant figur out how to change the speed of a video. so im very happy to finay find that you can download a version that should be more user friendly.

  9. Tedrick says:

    I am so amazed at how incredibly unusable the new version of imovie is. What were they thinking at Apple with the new version???

    Thanks for posting the link to the old version.

  10. Jackals says:

    I’m downloading HD 6 right now and I’m surprised it took me this long to make the discovery. I wish I would have done this before I edited a video for a family event I shot recently. Without the timeline you have no control over the volume of the music at specific parts of clips. It’s either 80% volume of music the whole time none at all. I like to fade it in and out. Also, there’s no slow motion, no effects, or any cool stuff. It’s just slightly cooler than using Windows Movie Maker. R & D needs to put the marketing team in check.

  11. Jon says:

    I personally, am very very upset with iMovie 08, the style of video editing is so weak, iMovie 06 is 10x better, in my opinion.

  12. TA Crosby says:

    This version STINKS (would like to use another word)

    Makes me wonder if some Miscrosoft rejects got hired or Apple has started playing the games of “buy this, but new year its worth *&^%” and you’ll have to buy our NEW product”

    I hate this version. HATE IT. I am si o upset with APPLE. The old version was not difficult at all, but had lots of wiggle room for more advanced uses.

    Big, big disappointment.

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