Bloggers, Podcasters Getting Presidential Debate Footage

Aug 10th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Citizen Media, Digital Video Downloads, Internet TV, Streaming Video, Video, Video Podcasts

MSNBC has announced that, after the live AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum has concluded, non-NBC media, blogs and Internet media may make unlimited use of the debate and excerpts, with appropriate credit to MSNBC, for the purpose of analyzing, reporting on, or commenting on the Forum.  While many would consider this fair use, MSNBC is making its position on reuse of this content clear.

Video of “The AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum” will stream live at, and the full video of this and all MSNBC debates and forums will remain accessible free and on-demand at through the end of the 2008 election cycle.

Earlier in the year, free-culture expert Lawrence Lessig called on the RNC & DNC to eliminate unnecessary regulation of political speech, encouraging them to ensure that debate footage could be used freely, with attribution. MSNBC has not gone as far as Lessig requested, limiting commercial reuse of the content.

MSNBC’s¬†announcement¬†helps level the playing field for bloggers and podcasters. If you’re a podcaster and want to include audio or video from the Candidates Forum in your podcast, here are the details….

Detailed usage guidelines

1.   Unlimited excerpts of MSNBC’s telecast of “The AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum” may be used in all media, where the primary purpose is to report on, comment on, or analyze the Forum, subject to the following restrictions:

a.   On television, an unobstructed onscreen credit “MSNBC” must appear during each Forum excerpt and remain on screen for the entire excerpt.  On the Internet, each Forum excerpt must stream with the unobstructed credit as described above, or a link to, or a credit appearing in the media player or adjacent space for the duration of the stream.

b.   On radio, each Forum excerpt must be introduced with an audio credit to MSNBC.

c.   No excerpt may air or stream in any medium until the live Forum concludes.

d.   Any adaptations or alterations of the Forum content must be clearly labeled as such.

e.   No use of the audio or video of NBC News journalists or moderators in the Forum is permitted for the purpose of advertising for any cause or candidate.

2.   “The AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum” may NOT be used in any medium where the primary purpose is to retransmit the “The AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum” or excerpts of “The AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum” for Commercial Use.  Commercial Use shall be interpreted as any use for which the primary intent is to procure a commercial advantage or private compensation.  Without limitation, examples of Commercial Use include: charges for downloads or streaming; using Forum video or audio to promote a website or product;  or advertising  preceding or during video or audio of “The AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum” The inclusion of text or search ads such as Google Ad Sense, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter, or similar services,  shall not be considered a Commercial Use..

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