Veoh Attacks Universal Music Over Music Copyrights

Aug 10th, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Streaming Video, Video

Internet television site Veoh has filed an action in Federal court against Universal Music Group (UMG), “to reinforce its rights as a copyright compliant company under the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).” Veoh is preemptively attacking Universal, according to the company, to “create a copyright friendly environment” for Internet video.

“It is unfortunate that UMG prefers to take actions that are designed to stifle innovation, shut down new markets and maintain the status quo instead of working to change and evolve models for today and the future,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of Veoh Networks.

Traditionally-licensed music has been an ongoing issue for video sharing sites because of the common use of popular music within videos.

Veoh’s court action seeks a declaration that it has not infringed UMG’s copyrights, and that because Veoh complies with the copyright laws, it is entitled to safe harbor under the DMCA from any claims brought by UMG. The action does not seek payment from UMG for damages.

Veoh is committed to creating and supporting a service where consumers get access to the video content they want in a manner respectful of copyright holders. This is evidenced by thousands of independent content producers utilizing Veoh to publish video content and relationships with dozens of major media brands. All of these efforts include ongoing, diligent compliance with the DMCA through proactive distribution of automated tools that enable enforcement of DMCA notification and prevent repeat offense publishing.

Veoh is also working with industry groups such as the MPAA and content holders to implement state of the art technologies that include filtering and special compliance tools for copyright holders. Adds Mitgang, “we are disappointed that we were forced to take this action, and consistent with our policy, are prepared to respond when and if UMG provides us with DMCA notice.”

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