New Podcaster Association Wants Your Input

Aug 11th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Citizen Media, Corporate Podcasts

Podango’s¬†Scott Bourne has announced plans to form a new podcaster’s group, the Association of Podcasters & Online Media Producers (APOMP). The nascent group is a response to the recently announced¬†Association for Downloadable Media (ADM),¬†which some podcasters feel is too focused on commercial podcasting. ¬†

Bourne’s group¬†would like your input, and are asking podcasters to fill out an online survey.

“Our objective,” notes Bourne,¬†”is to gather information leading to the emergence of an industry association that is truly representational and inclusive of the blogging, podcasting and new media communities.”¬†

APOMP plans to publish the results of their survey next week.

Here’s some additional background on the group:

Statement and Disclosure of Intent

Aware of the formation of the Association for Downloadable Media (ADM), we feel content producers have not been adequately represented. We are concerned that the majority of that ‚Äúindustry association‚Äù clearly comprises groups with competing and potentially proprietary interests. As such, we are determined to either influence the ADM in productive ways, or launch an alternative industry association that is more fully representative and inclusive of the entire community. The new group‚Äôs working name is the “Association of Podcasters & Online Media Producers”.

The APOMP Working Group

  • Scott Bourne: Podango Productions, Apple Phone Show
  • Michael Geoghegan: GigaVox
  • Lee Gibbons: Podango
  • Judith Hutchinson, M.D.: Medical Minute
  • Leo Laporte: TWiT.TV
  • Alex Lindsay: Pixel Corps
  • Michael Mennenga: Farpoint Media
  • Doug Smith: Podango
  • Tim Street: French Maid.TV
  • Gretchen Vogelzang: MommyCast
  • Jeffrey Wilerth: Farpoint Media


  • Determine issues and concerns related to the establishment of the ADM, including their relative weight, universality and depth.
  • Explore alternative formation methods, structures, fees, and agenda, and make recommendations.
  • Explore the advisability of uniting behind one or more podcasting industry associations.
  • Assess the importance of a broader mission and alternative focus to that of measuring downloads.
  • Involve all who wish to participate in the process of the formation of an industry association.

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