Blue Note Intros Series Of Podcasts

Aug 16th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music

Blue Note, a record label known for its classic jazz recordings, has released a series of podcasts. The new shows focus on current releases by Blue Note artists, including Floratone, Norah Jones, Amos Lee, Ron Carter and Suzanne Vega.

Here are the podcast details…..

  • Floratone, featuring Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Tucker Martine, and Lee Townsend, give a look at the making of their new album. You can subscribe by adding this feed URL to your podcast client:
  • Amos Lee talks about the making of his new album Supply And Demand. Podcast feed URL:
  • Norah Jones – Listen to the stories behind the songs and watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the making of Norah Jones’ new album. Not Too Late is available in stores and online now. Podcast feed URL:
  • Suzanne Vega – a preview of Vega’s new CD Beauty and Crime. Podcast feed URL:
  • Ron Carter – Legendary bassist Ron Carter first stepped into the jazz spotlight as a member of Miles Davis’ incomparable 1960s quintet, and has since established himself as one of the most prolific and venerable forces in the genre. Nearly 40 years after his season with Miles, Carter pays tribute to his former bandleader with this collection of tunes associated with the great trumpeter, while also celebrating the dynamic chemistry of his longtime working quartet. Listen as Ron discusses his early influences and development, the integral role of the bassist, and his new album Dear Miles,. Podcast feed URL:

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