Bexy Intros Sexy iPod Remote

Aug 23rd, 2007 | By | Category: iPod Accessories

Sexy iPod remote dock

New company Bexy Corporation today announced its iMirror Wireless Remote Control Docking Station for iPod that remotely displays content data while it controls and plays music and video connected to entertainment systems.

The iMirror is designed to put your iPod at the center if a music and video home entertainment system. With the iMirror’s wireless remote control and LCD display user interface, users can remotely navigate, control and play their media via the docking station connected to their big screen TVs, AV receivers, powered speakers, and stereo systems. The iMirror automatically loads all iPod title information into the wireless remote upon initial docking, making the content navigable and controllable remotely throughout a home.

The wireless remote control operates from up to 150 feet away and includes a lithium battery that recharges when placed on the dock.

The iMirror model number BR100 is available immediately via Bexy’s Website at for $149.95 and will be available at retailers in September.

The docking station charges and accommodates most iPod models including the iPod Nano 1G and 2G, iPod 4G and 5G, and iPod Mini. It features a comprehensive set of cable connections for playing an iPod through big screen TVs and stereos including S-Video for the highest quality video output, RCA stereo audio and video, and a line audio mini-stereo cable or earphone output. A mini USB port is included to sync with iTunes on a PC.

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