Podcast Peer Awards Winners Announced

Aug 26th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Events
The results of the Summer ’07 Podcast Peer Awards have been announced.

Clinton Alvord’s comedy4Cast won two awards. His four minute show was recognized as both the Best Comedy Podcast and Best Short Podcast. Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl was chosen as the voters Favorite Audio Podcast. The Best Music Podcast award went to Punky! Radio and The Financial Aid Podcast won for Best Business Podcast.

The PPAs are chosen by other podcasters. Nearly six hundred podcasters nominate shows, then narrow down the selection using a voting system that allows little known shows to compete against more popular podcasts.

Other winners include:

  • The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd – Best Family Friendly Podcast
  • SwingerCast – Best Adult Podcast
  • Barely Podcasting – Most Original Concept
  • Mighty Mommy – Best Newbee Podcast
  • Truth Seekers – Best Political Podcast
  • Skepticality – Best Science Podcast
  • 7th Son – Best Serialized Fiction Podcast
The awards ceremonies will be held September 2nd at DragonCon, a science fiction/fantasy convention, in Atlanta.


Dave Hitt, the director of the awards, explained why the ceremonies are being held at Atlanta’s DragonCon. “One of the purposes of these awards is to encourage more people to listen to podcasts, so we wanted to hold this at a convention that wasn’t just about podcasting. DragonCon is a celebration of art and pop culture of all kinds, and last year their podcasting track was a huge success. Holding the PPA awards there is a perfect fit.”

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