A&P Sacks Employees Over Internet Video, Lewd Acts With A Banana

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A&P has unceremoniously sacked brothers Mark and Matthew D’Avella for using the company facilities to film a faux-gangsta rap video, Produce Paradise. The brothers, aka Double D and Razor Blade, made the video of themselves performing as the Fresh Beets.

Here’s why Double D calls himself “the Vanilla Ice of our generation”:

The brothers were canned over “inappropriate acts”, which presumably includes filming a gangsta rap video on company property, urinating on the produce and dropping your pants at work.

In a statement, A&P spokesman Richard De Santa said, “Producing a video that intentionally and unjustly depicts our company in a negative light, and utilizing company facilities without management knowledge of the specific content involved, is obviously a blatant violation of our policy.”

Double D Lawsuit

Unfortunately for the Fresh Beets, their trouble with A&P didn’t end with them getting fired. A&P is now suing them for a cool one million dollars. Here’s what “Razor Blade” has to say about the situation:

Hello everybody, this is the million dollar update that you have all been waiting for. Today the A&P has escalated this situation to the next level. We were informed by the Courier News that The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company has filed a lawsuit against myself and Double D. They have issued a cease and desist order on the video which demands we remove the video from both youtube.com and our site, fakelaugh.com. They are also seeking restitution in the amount of AT LEAST $1,000,000.00, that is not a typo. The A&P is suing two college students for at least one million dollars. Claiming that, because of the “Produce Paradise” video they have lost at least one million dollars. We have yet to see the actual lawsuit we were only briefed by a reporter as to its contents. As soon as we get a copy you can be sure there will be an update.

We’re not sure what A&P hopes to gain from the suit, since they are unlikely to get any money from a couple of college kids and the lawsuit will only bring more attention to the video.

If the D’Avella’s lose the lawsuit, maybe they’ll end up doing community service…..like making an Internet video that reminds you why you should always wash your produce.

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