KickApps Offers Social Media Platform For Video Sharing On iPhone

Aug 28th, 2007 | By | Category: General

KickApps Corporation, a hosted social media platform, today announced a service for sharing videos for use with iPhones. Videos uploaded to KickApps-powered social media sites can be viewed on the iPhone using the device’s Safari web browser.

With today’s announcement, KickApps is the first social media platform to support web video viewing and sharing on the iPhone. You can see an example of a KickApps site optimized for the iPhone at

How It Works

Most videos on social networks utilize the Flash format, however the iPhone’s Safari web browser is only compatible with the Quicktime video player. The latest version of the KickApps platform automatically converts all uploaded videos to both H.264 and Flash formats.

When a user plays a video, KickApps instantly detects which format is required and delivers the video via a compatible video player; in the case of the iPhone, videos accessed through its Safari browser are displayed via Quicktime. Details on implementing the functionality are available in a tutorial on KickApps’ developer community.

“Our platform is driven largely by the goal of eliminating barriers of entry to social media,” said Alex Blum, CEO of KickApps. “By supporting the iPhone browser, we’re providing our affiliates and their audiences with the flexibility to deliver and consume online video via one of the most exciting and innovative mobile devices on the market today.”

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