Newspapers Losing Advertisers To The Web

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Newspaper print advertising sales have fallen to their lowest level in a decade, according to statistics from the Newspaper Association of America.

Print revenues in the first six months of this year totaled $20.3 billion, the lowest since the $19.7 billion in sales recorded in the first half of 1997. Print ad sales in the first half of this year were 8.3% below the depressed level recorded in the same period in 2006.

The drop reflects two larger trends: people are shifting their��attention to online media��& advertisers are shifting their ad budgets to online media.��

While the Newspaper Association touted a 19% increase in online ad sales to $796 million, print ad sales represented a bit more than 93% of the industry���s total volume of $22.49 billion in the first half of the year. At this rate, online ad sales won’t come close to replacing the lost revenue from declining print ad sales.

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