NexTune Launches Music Network With Free Music Program Software

Sep 7th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music, iPods & Portable Media Players

NextuneNexTune today announced the launch of the NexTune Music Network, along with software allowing an iTunes user to publish playlists onto its Internet-based music network.

The service lets you take your iTunes playlist and use it in a social network to discover new music and to create playlists that others can use.

NexTune’s latest software release Composer 1.5, is integrated with Apple’s iTunes music software. You can import iTunes playlists into NexTune’s Composer. Then you can then publish your music program to NexTune’s Music Network where other Network members can download the music programs.

The NexTune Music Network allows its members to create their own music websites complete with their own music programs, commentary and pictures. Members can link to other members and share music interests and ideas. The NexTune Composer software is a desktop application that enables seamless interaction with its music network.

NexTune’s Music Network provides users the ability to move their playlists from one computer to another or even to other users. Unlike listening to someone else’s playlist, NexTune allows the user to actually download the playlist to their computer. NexTune’s patent pending technology quickly matches the music listed in the playlist to the downloader’s own iTunes music library. Songs contained in the playlist that the user doesn’t have are easily identified due to the intuitive nature of the NexTune interface. The downloader can quickly purchase the missing songs from the iTunes music store, which is integrated with NexTune’s Composer software.

Membership in the NexTune Music Network is free along with its software. NexTune participates in a revenue share program by referring its members to the iTunes store and by featuring advertisements on its network.

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