Ten Days of Blogging, Podcasting and Web 2.0 Activism Coming Next Week

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MyPacis, a social network focused on global peace, has announced a synchronized blogathon September 11 to the 21 to celebrate the International Day of Peace. 

International Day of Peace was established by the UN to strengthen the ideals of peace, with global ceasefire and non-violence.

Bloggers are invited to discuss peace and current world affairs from their own prospective, inviting readers to continue the discussion with comments, track backs and follow-up posts. They are also invited to review and link to two-five posts published on other participating blogs, creating a fluid hyperlinked discussion about peace. Other events will engage podcasters in a discussion about world peace, with users of social networks (MySpace.com, Orkut, Facebook, etc) displaying the peace dove in their profiles. Further information available on http://www.blog.mypacis.com/

Some projects and tools which are part of this event will then be available on a permanent base. This includes an open source, integrated and multi-lingual social network promoting peace by linking people (http://www.mypacis.com/), and a social experiment platform for Second Life (http://www.hybridlife.net/) used to test social dynamics and improvements in a virtual environment.

“For the first time in history, we are in a position to end all wars by removing the reasons for conflicts,” says Frank, a MyPacis.com activist. “Poverty, lack of democracy and freedom, human right violations can be left behind us, while the world moves toward a fairer, open, free and democratic society. While Web 2.0 activism alone cannot bring us there, this is an effective way to start involving other people in making the world a better place.”

According to the organizers, anyone who cares about world peace can take part in this initiative, using the means of communication which are more suitable for them: email, blogs, SMS, social network profiles, Second Life, etc.

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