Levelator Gets Update, New Home

Sep 17th, 2007 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Software


The popular podcasting tool The Levelator has been updated and has a new home at The Conversations Network.

The Levelator is a free, multi-platform tool that automatically optimizes the levels within audiofiles to even out the volumes of multiple speakers and to adjust the overall volume to a consistent standard.

The changes in the latest version primarily have to do with branding. Here’s what The Conversation Network’s Doug Kaye has to say about the release:

“We‚Äôve just posted release 1.2.1 of The Levelator for OS X and Windows. The Linux versions will follow shortly. User‚Äôs won‚Äôt notice any significant difference over version 1.1.0 other than the change in logos and graphics. The Levelator is now supported and distributed (for free, of course) exclusively by The Conversations Network. And you can expect another bug-fix release within the next few weeks.¬†”


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  1. I wish every podcaster would use Levelator! Nothing worse than listening to a podcast where one voice is barely audible and the other loosens your ear wax! So simple to use and so effective.

  2. info says:


    No kidding! Another pet peeve is podcasts that are just way too quiet, so you get grainy sound and all sorts of noise!

  3. MrMark says:

    Just upgraded to the “New” version and it is a piece of trash. Error codes all over the place.

    Wish I kepted a back up of the old, original version. Now I am stuck with no levelator….

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