PodShow Video Podcasts Coming To Tivo

Sep 21st, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video Podcasts

Tivo Gets PodShow Video Podcasts

Podcasting startup PodShow is expected to formally announce a partnership with TiVo next week that will bring PodShow’s video podcasts to TiVo users. The agreement promises to make Podshow’s content available to millions of new viewers, directly on their televisions.

An official announcement is expected at next week’s Podcasting and Portable Media Expo.

Paul Colligan via TechCrunch

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  1. I was very disappointed to find out the show I co-created and co-produce for the Podshow Network was being passed over by Tivo. “Port City PD” was originally pitched with all of the rest of the shows now currently showing up on Podshow’s Tivo page, but Tivo is only accepting content, get this podcasters…that are rated “G” or “PG” only due to the FCC.

    First let me say that our show pushes the limits, but we do nothing you wouldn’t see on Network television. Shows like “The Sheild” and “CSI” are more violent and gruesome than our show. We are guilty of dropping the “F-Bomb” from time to time, but that’s all. Remember in 1993 when “NYPD Blue” showed bare breasts in the pilot episode, and Dennis Franz’s butt in the shower. We don’t even come close, unless you count the rated “G” Christian Coalition, I mean Cali Lewis, describing our show on “Geek Brief” in her mind as “Kinda reminds me of a porno”. I guess she has never watched shows like “The Sheild”, “NYPD Blue”, “CSI”, “24”, because they all remind me or porno…….what a joke.

    The cast and crew have worked so hard for almost two years to bring the first full production series that in my mind crushes the likes of “Lonelygirl15” to the internet. Our show is not just sitting in front of a camera like a news anchor and reading from other people’s bloggs. Now that we are in season two filming in “HD” we are being passed over for now. By the way, “Port City PD” Season 2 looks great on a HD Tv or any Tv for that matter. Tivo’s loss for now.

    So be excited for Podshow and the Tivo venture, but expect documentaries and news type shows for your entertainment. So to all podcasters out there make sure you censor yourselves if you want to be on Tivo.

    This doesn’t sound like “Independent Media” to me.

    Shaun O’Rourke
    Co-Creator and Co-Producer
    “Port City PD”


  2. Shaun;

    I appreciate your dilemna and respect your work. But what makes you think Podshow has ANYTHING to do with being “independent?”

    Sadly, they’re not even close. If I were you, I’d keep shopping around for a network or publisher or distribution point that won’t treat you like a band in a major label RIAA contract.

    Plus, I remember Podshow’s revelation that being on Sirius would “make content available to millions of listeners.” We know how that panned out. Same situation with Tivo. All of their content is ALREADY available to millions of viewers. We’ll see if anyone shows up to watch.

    If Geek Brief is Podshows diamond mine, that is just sad. I think Cali Lewis is awesome, but the over animated nice girl routine has worn thin on me quickly.

    Ok, I’m done. Should’ve had more caffeine today. Bottom line Shaun, I wish you the best, just don’t go thinking that Podshow is everyone’s salvation.

    Jason @ iR

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  4. Wow,
    Lets hope video (does not) kill the radio star once again.

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