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Sep 24th, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Making Money with Podcasts, Podcasting Services, Video, Video Podcasts

Rocketboom with ads

Rocketboom and have announced a partnership to incorporate interactive advertising into the weekday video podcast. The result is more intrusive than some other Internet video ad types, but is an interesting new ad option.

Here’s how’s Mike Hudack describes the system:

That new technology is an entirely interactive QuickTime overlay advertisement that looks and behaves just like a Flash overlay. We believe it’s the first of its kind. This QuickTime overlay can be clicked on, and it can also be closed. It works in iTunes and it works in Miro. It’s pretty fancy. It was developed by Jared Klett and Allan Grinshtein with a little help from the brilliant Dennis Backus of Apple’s QuickTime team and Josh Paul of Aweli. We never would have developed this technology without the insistent prodding of Andrew Baron, a man who cares so much for his audience and for the quality of his craft that he wouldn’t settle for just any QuickTime advertising implementation. He, rightfully, insisted on something groundbreaking — and we hope that we’ve delivered it. is effectively taking over the distribution costs for Rocketboom and handling ad deals in exchange for a cut of the ad revenue.

The solution offers Rocketboom “the additional ability to serve interactive, post-roll ads and collapsable overlays in flash AND Quicktime files,” notes Rocketboom creator Andrew Baron. “Blip brokered the sponsorship (many more to come) and has integrated their run-of-site framework into our site for extra coverage between sponsor runs. This gives us the ultimate flexibility to manage multiple sales of various types at the same time.”

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  1. Eric says:

    Okay, so is this going to be available to users of Blip.TV other than Rocketboom? I think this is where the article misses the mark. If Blip.TV were to offer some kind of ad package available to users of their service, they could be the preferred video destination of choice to video producers everywhere. Kind of what hoped to become before their funding was pulled.


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