Podcast and New Media Expo Kicks Off

Sep 28th, 2007 | By | Category: How to Podcast, Podcasting Events

Podcast and New Media ExpoThe Podcast and New Media Expo, taking place September 28-30 in Ontario, California, kicks off this morning. The Expo brings together digital media creators, podcasters and content developers from around the world for three days focused on content creation, the new media business, discussing trends and networking.

You can get a preview of the show from our interview with Expo founder Tim Bourquin.

We’re in Ontario for the expo and have a busy scheduled lined up, so we can try to bring readers the highlights of the show. If you’re at the expo and you’d like to contact us, you can send us a note at expo (at) podcastingnews.com. If you’ve got news that you’d like to make sure we’re aware of, let us know or send us the information via our feedback form.

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  1. We’re looking for 5 Great Ideas from those who are attending the Podcasting Expo. Unfortunately, we are not.

    Our request is:
    “What the best idea you heard at the New Media Expo that would help a business person who is currently not podcasting – to help them quickly jump in?”

    We’ll also add this request:
    “Please, no philosophical meanderings, advanced technological hoo-haw or sales pitches – just great ideas that will get someone up and running as a podcaster quickly and with minimum of heartache and brain damage.”

    We think that’s cheeky enough. After all, about 99.9% of us average business people still don’t do any podcasting (that we know of) and we’re still, well, just a little bit confused by the technological challenges and the potential benefits.

    You can leave a comment on our blog article – http://goldencompass.com/blog/you-have-a-friend-in-the-podcast-business/#more-119


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