Apple’s iBrick PR Fiasco Going From Bad To Worse

Oct 1st, 2007 | By | Category: iPhone

Apple’s PR fiasco over its decision to actively fight the unlocking and hacking of iPhones appears to be going from bad to worse.

This video mashup is an example of the fallout Apple is reaping from its decision to fight developers that want to add to the iPhones capabilities. It takes the narration from Apple’s famous Think Different add campaigns and turns it back upon them:

KeeptheiPhoneFree, via engadget

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  1. thom says:

    I am surprised that in this sue happy country the hackers haven’t already started a class action against apple. First they encourage hacking the Iphone and then they take over your computer based phone and disable it. If they did that to your desktop that would be felony hacking just ask Sony corp. And just on a side note to anyone with a Iphone / Ibrick conversion, most states allow small claims court for cases less then $500.00. Would it not be wonderful if Apple were hit with hundreds to thousands of small claims cases over this. Power to the people ya’ll

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