New Mic For Podcasters: The Blue Snowflake

Oct 8th, 2007 | By | Category: Computer Hardware, Podcasting Hardware

Blue snowflakes sound like something that might fall in an Elvis song, right before those blue memories start callin’.

But the portable Snowflake Microphone is the latest USB mic from Blue Microphones. Blue’s Snowball USB Microphone has been popular with podcasters since its introduction. The company describes the new Snowflake model as the first professional quality portable USB mic. The mic combines a USB bus powered capsule with a class compliant design to make the Snowflake plug and play on Mac and PC.

Blue Snowflake Microphone

The mic folds into a compact case, which also houses a USB cable, for easy transport in a laptop bag or a pocket. Unfolded, the case serves as a desktop stand or a laptop clip.


  • Professional recording quality on the go
  • Unique design fits on your desktop or laptop
  • Plug and play ‚Äî no driver needed
  • Designed for podcasting, internet telephony, voice recognition software, movie narration, music
  • Mac & PC compatible

The Snowflake will be available November 1, 2007 for $79 MSRP.

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  1. Tim says:

    I will never buy another Blue Microphone again, Gee, does this one work with Vista???

  2. info says:


    Bad experience with a previous blue mic?

  3. Brett says:

    Geez same here… my blue snowball was good, although the first one was DOA, and the second one has a fair bit of latency. Driver / firmware updates NEVER happened, making it behind the Samson CU01, and the Rode podcasting mic. Its all looks, and no substance I’m afraid.

  4. Shucker says:

    The Blue Snowball was a nightmare. Nothing but excuses from Blue as to why they couldn’t develop drivers for Vista. Over a year and a half of excuses. I had to sell mine as it was nothing more than a pretty paperweight. Still no Vista support to this day.

    Blue’s SnowFLAKE website still doesn’t mention Vista for this mic, but their PDF manual mentions setup in Vista.

  5. Jose says:

    Yes, Snowflake does works with Vista, Out of the Box – USB Mic Drivers (Generic).

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