Al Gore’s Current TV Is The Cosmo Of Internet Television

Oct 15th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, Streaming Video, Video, Video Podcasts

Al Gore’s two year-old cable channel, Current, relaunched its website on Monday to better incorporate user generated content and better target an 18-34 demographic. The updated site supports all the major “Web 2.0” bells and whistles, including photo and video sharing, comments and discussion forums on upcoming stories.

Current CosmoThe site also now appears to be trying to become the Cosmo of Internet television. Current stories include Ultimate Male Hotties: from the 60s and Earlier, and a story about how Sibu the Orangutan got his sexy back with tattoed blonde babes (for real).

When we visited, the featured story was “Hotter Down Under”, what looked to be a revealing undercover look at Australian sexiness.

And, while the site is looking for user contributions for stories, it’s not to elevate the state of journalism. They’re looking for your stories about “Sex. Hooking Up. Going at it. Macking. Getting it on.”

The current theme is “Booty Calls…”

Al Gore recently got the Nobel Prize for his work on raising awareness of climate change. If the news hits Current, don’t be surprised if “Super Man Says It’s Going To Get Hot!” is the headline.

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