Is Google Excusing Rampant YouTube Piracy With Tech Mumbo-Jumbo?

Oct 15th, 2007 | By | Category: Streaming Video, Video

GooTube Google + YouTubeGoogle today announced that it has put in place a beta version of its YouTube Video Identification tool – a service intended to help copyright owners identify and limit how their videos are shared on the site. The tool continues Google’s policy of putting responsibility on copyright-holders to police the site.

Google has been criticized by some for its tardiness in deploying the tool. The delays have served to help keep copyrighted material on the site, which has contributed to the site’s popularity. Google’s announcement makes the case that the video identification tool is a highly complicated technology platform, and that the company is going above and beyond its legal responsibilities.

Interestingly, Google has introduced the tool as it promises to offer ways for copyright holders to make money off of their content. “We think YouTube Video Identification will be a particularly useful and timely tool as we begin extending revenue-sharing and other opportunities to a wider audience,” they note.

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