BLUtube First Online Video Community for Law Enforcement

Oct 16th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, Streaming Video, Video today announced that it has launched BLUtube, the first online video community for police officers and departments nationwide. The site is like YouTube for police.

BLUtube offers members of the law enforcement community a secure environment in which to view and upload videos. BLUtube includes law enforcement-only sections with video tips, roll call training segments and in-car videos.

BLUtube also includes a variety of community features, including the ability to create video playlists, subscribe to other members’ content, and rate or comment on videos. BLUtube’s featured topics cover a wide range of law enforcement subjects, from training clips and product demonstrations to dashcam videos.

“At PoliceOne, we recognize that online video will play a major role in enhancing the next generation of public safety Web site portals and increasing their importance as mission critical resources,” said Alex Ford, CEO of PoliceOne. “BLUtube combines the latest online video technology with our well-established law enforcement resources and expertise, including our roster of leading industry experts and our proprietary law enforcement verification process. This has allowed us to make BLUtube a secure, interactive environment for officers and departments from around the world to view and upload video that will help them stay informed, train and better protect their communities.”

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