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Oct 16th, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Making Money with Podcasts, Streaming Video, Video

rollmio is launching a new video and blog promotion system designed to help marketers take advantage of consumer-generated advertising and consumer-generated media. Anyone can participate by registering at the site, and then either submitting videos or embedding videos published by others in blogs and Web pages.
When a marketer wants to launch a rollmio campaign, they post a creative brief describing the project at Video creators can submit videos to the site, where they will be reviewed by the marketer. Videos selected by the marketer will then be available to “promoters” to view at the site. Promoters can select their favorite videos and embed them at their site for others to view

Pentel Project

For rollmio’s first client project, rollmio members will be requested to create video commercials for Pentel’s Energel Deluxe retractable gel rollers. Here’s how rollmio expects the project to work:

Creator side

  • Create video commercial according to creative brief and submit to rollmio
  • Submitted commercials are reviewed by client
  • Selected commercials are paid a production fee*
  • Selected commercials are announced to “promoters”

* average production fee is $50 with top videos receiving additional

Promoter side

  • View selected commercials on rollmio
  • Select favorite video commercial and post on blog or SNS page
  • Promotion fee* paid to blogs and SNS pages meeting requirements

* promotion fee ranges from $3-$20

While it doesn’t look like anyone’s going to get rich using the site – it looks like an interesting experiment in user-generated advertising.

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