PodCamp Boston Kicks Off Friday

Oct 20th, 2007 | By | Category: Citizen Media, General, Podcasting Events

Podcamp bostonPodCamp Boston 2, taking place October 26-28 at the Boston Convention and Expo Center, Boston, MA, promises to be one of the most interesting new media unconferences ever.

PodCamp Boston 2 is a three-day event focusing on blogging, podcasting, social networks, video on the net, and new media. More than 1,200 people are expected to attend.

The list of people planning to attend reads like a who’s who of podcasting and new media.

“It has been amazing to watch the global community of PodCampers grow in the year since the first one last September,” said C.C. Chapman, Podcaster and PodCamp Boston 2 Organizer. “I am looking forward to welcoming a lot more people to the community.”

Details about the event are available in the official guide (pdf).

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  1. […] As of this writing, there are already around 940 people who registered, just 260 far from the expected 1200 participants and the list does not include those who will come with companion and those who registered in private. On Chris‚Äô blog, he said that there are over 1100 people registered¬† (as of October 16). So I guess, there will be more than 1200 people who will be attending PodCamp Boston2 that will make this PodCamp the biggest free podcasting event of the year. […]

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