TheFunRide Searches Across YouTube & 70 Other Video Sites…..Just Not Very Well

Oct 20th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, General, Streaming Video, Video

A new site, TheFunRide lets you search for videos across YouTube, Google Video, Metcafe, Daily Motion and 70+ other video sharing sites. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do it very well yet.

We searched for a variety of popular video search terms, with terrible results:

  • Pamela Anderson – this search returned lots of skateboarding videos, but no Pam Anderson.
  • Eva Langoria – more @#$# skateboarding videos.
  • Evolution of Dance – didn’t return YouTube’s most popular video ever, despite searching for the title of the video. The site did return a video titled sexy girl shows her ass for YouTube.
  • My Chemical Romance – returned a Chemical Brothers video and a video about very nice toes, but no My Chemical Romance.

Even more bizarre, a search at TheFunRide for Paris Hilton returns a bunch of duplicate Hillary Duff videos:

TheFunRide Search Sucks

There’s a clear need for video meta search. At this point, though, TheFunRide isn’t a contender.

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