MySpaceTV Launches Original Fauxality Show – Roommates

Oct 22nd, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Streaming Video, Video

Hot college roommatesMySpace today announced the launch of an original scripted web series, Roommates, the first original web series created for MySpaceTV. It’s a fauxality show focusing on hot chicks just out of college.

The first of 45 episodes goes live today on MySpaceTV, with new episodes debuting each weekday at 1:00 pm PT/ 4:00 pm ET through December 21.

Roommates follows a group of eight former college roommates after graduation. The four main characters – Peyton, Violet, Heather, and Sigourney – move to Los Angeles where they are invited to participate in a “reality show” by living in a house wired with cameras and computers to document their every move. In case that doesn’t tell you what the show is focusing on, the press release for the show adds that Roommates features raw and voyeuristic segments, confessionals and romances. And bikinis and cut-offs.

While Roommates’ concept may not be especially new, the way it’s being presented is. The official Roommates profile will be the home for new episodes, profiles for each character, video blog postings from the characters, on-demand archives, and other interactive content. MySpace is also using its platform to host online discussions and polls so that the audience has the opportunity to influence the development of the show.

You can preview Roommates below:

Roommates Ep1: Life After College

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  1. What a bunch of mindless bimbos. Good role models for young girls and juniors in college! Bah humbug.

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