PodCamp Changes The Rules

Oct 30th, 2007 | By | Category: Podcasting Events

PodCamp BostonChris Penn, one of the organizers and creators of PodCamp, announced at the end of PodCamp Boston that the “rules” of the unconference events are changing.

A large number of people registered for but didn’t show up at last weekend’s event. Because of the high number of no-shows, organizers have hundreds of unused shirts, badges and other materials. 1,357 people registered for PodCamp Boston 2. Approximately 650 attended, a 52.1% no-show rate.

Because of this, future PodCamps will be allowed to charge a registration fee, in order to cut down on the no-shows.

Here are the updated PodCamp rules:

  1. All attendees must be treated equally.
  2. All content must be released under Creative Commons.
  3. All attendees must be allowed to participate.
  4. All sessions must obey the Law of 2 Feet.
  5. The event must be new-media focused.
  6. The financials must be fully disclosed in an open ledger.

Despite the high percentage of no-shows, the event was largely successful. Attendance was double the previous year’s, and the event was one of the biggest unconferences ever.

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  1. I think instead of charging for the “unconference” organizers should get less stuff (swag). This would make it first come first served and then still have that unconference feel.

  2. Rob Walch says:

    For Podcamp Midwest we are thinking of just putting up a t-shirt design on Cafepress with no mark up and letting attendees purchase it prior or after the event.

    The donnations we get are going for food. I figure everyone coming in to the even already has a shirt – but they may actually be hungry.

  3. elisabeth says:

    That’s a really good idea, Rob. Lots of event t-shirts are designed with guys in mind; I end up giving them to my (grateful and manly) teenaged sons. If I had a choice of a cool logo and a flattering shirt, I’d spend money on one — and maybe help defray event costs!

    Does this mean that there is an official date for PodCamp KC?

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