Kylie Minogue Pioneering Diva Social Networking

Nov 6th, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Podcasting Software

Australian vocalist Kylie Minogue appears to be the first mega-diva to launch her own social networking site. lets fans blog, upload images and video and interact with other users. By letting fans blog and post videos, the site has the potential to be the locus of attention for Kylie fans.

Currently the site is short on content, a bit of a ghost town, and, yes, Kylie is our only friend. But it’s interesting to see a global pop star experimenting with new media.

Along with groups like Radiohead and Madonna leaving their traditional labels behind, Minogue’s move is part of a growing trend towards musicians interacting with their audiences in new ways, especially through the Internet.
The site’s designers, New Visions Mobile, believe it is more mobile and flexible than social network sites like MySpace and Facebook, already important marketing tools for pop stars.

“The whole thing is set up so that Kylie can update her blog and have a closer connection with fans,” said Julia McNally, business development director at New Visions Mobile.

Kylie introduces her new site below.

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