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Nov 7th, 2007 | By | Category: Making Money with Podcasts, Podcasting Events

blogworldexpo.jpgAmid an ever-increasing number of podcast event offerings, the very first Blog World and New Media Expo officially kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada. Business executives were gathering today for a special pre-conference new media workshop, followed by a special sneak preview of the upcoming movie, “The Kite Runner.”

Podcasting News‘ publisher Elisabeth McLaury Lewin tracked down event CEO and co-founder Rick Calvert on Tuesday, in the middle of setting up for the Expo.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: This will be your very first foray into putting on a blogging/new media conference. How will Blog World Expo be different from the other podcasting and new media conferences and conventions? (The PodCamps, the Podcast and New Media Expo, BlogHer, etc.)

Rick Calvert: Well, for one this is not just podcasting, or tech-centric. This is event is for bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, Internet radio and TV broadcasters, digital photographers, and any other type of new media content creator.

We have also made a concerted effort to reach out to several key communities in the blogosphere including the sports bloggers, military bloggers, political bloggers, pop culture and Godbloggers, in addition to the tech and business guys you normally see.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: For the newcomers to the blogging, podcasting and new media world, what can they expect to see and do?

Rick Calvert: They are going to be able to learn from the leaders in the industry on how to build their readership and community, monetize their content, improve the look and functionality of their site and network with their peers.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: For seasoned veterans, what features of the conference are worth noting?

Rick Calvert: Keynotes from Mark Cuban, Leo Laporte, Matt Mullenweg, and Larry Benet.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: Is it too late to register/attend?

Rick Calvert: No, it’s not too late. People can register on-site.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: I know you can’t play favorites, but what are a few of the things you are especially looking forward to?

Rick Calvert: The keynote with Mark Cuban will definitely be a highlight, but the political track and the milblogging track are favorites of mine. The sports blogging track should be a lot of fun as well.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: What do you see as the current state of podcasting — for hobbyists and for the corporate podcaster?

Rick Calvert: Well I think more than anything saying you are a “podcaster” or a “blogger” is going to be a term of the past. We are all moving to multimedia. You need to be engaging your community in as many ways as possible.

The other thing I would say is… for as much as has happened this far, and as much as we have experienced explosive growth to this point, we are still at the very beginning of where this medium is going.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: Is there anything else you’d like us to share with the readers of Podcasting News?

Rick Calvert: Just that this event has been a dream come true for me. This whole thing started a little over a year ago when I wanted to attend an event like this, but it didn’t [yet] exist.

The other thing I want to mention is how much we appreciate all of the support we have received from the industry, from the exhibitors and sponsors, to the influencers who are speaking and all the attendees who wanted to go to the same show I wanted to go to. Blog on!

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