Podcasters – Get Listed In The Zune Podcast Directory Starting November 13th

Nov 7th, 2007 | By | Category: Podcast Directory Sites

Zune Podcast Programming Manager Rob Greenlee sends word that podcasters will be able to add their podcast to Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace podcast directory starting on November 13th.

We will be launching our Zune Marketplace Podcast Directory with approximately 1,000 podcast feeds shortly. The reason we are doing this is to seed the catalog with a base level of podcasts that Zune users and podcasters can build on over the next few months.

Being a long-time podcaster, I understand that most content providers want to know about where their podcasts are being distributed and thus would want to actually submit his or her feed to us. It has been exciting over the past few weeks to have so many podcasters contact me and request inclusion in the new Marketplace podcast area – the catalog will have the first 1000 or so from us, but the rest will come from the podcasting community.

Please plan on downloading the new Zune Marketplace software on November 13th, then visit the main podcast section in the software to “Suggest a Podcast” for inclusion in the public Podcast Marketplace.

1,000 podcasts is skimpy in this day and age. Apple’s directory includes over 125,000 podcasts and video podcasts. Microsoft’s clout is likely to help narrow this gap.

In addition to the directory, users will be able to add podcasts independent of the directory using a “Personal Podcast Feed Submission” feature in the new Zune Marketplace. This will let users to add a personal list of podcast feeds to their own subscription “Collection” area.

Personal feeds submitted to your collection will be your personal and private collection of podcasts that some may or may not be in the general marketplace podcast library.

4 Responses to “Podcasters – Get Listed In The Zune Podcast Directory Starting November 13th”

  1. Ed Roberts says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. While I don’t anticipate a huge surge in listeners from the Zune directory, I imagine that if Microsoft ever adds a podcast directory to Windows Media Player, they would draw from this list.

  2. Eric says:

    Hmmmm…. So does Zune Marketplace work with Macs? Looks like I’ve got some more homework.

  3. info says:


    You hit the nail on the head. I don’t think the Zune Marketplace will be a significant source of traffic for podcasters anytime soon.

    However, if Microsoft ever realizes the significance of podcasting, they’re going to get support in Windows Media Player – which could dramatically multiply the reach of podcasting. Because of this, Microsoft’s Zune podcast directory is something you can’t ignore.

  4. Have you seen how many of Apple iTunes’ 125,000 feeds are current? Well under 50% ! I like directories which keep content “live”

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