Update Your Zune & Get Some Podcasts!

Nov 13th, 2007 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Microsoft has published the info on updating first-generation Zunes to the latest software – the software that finally supports podcasts and even lets you sync wirelessly.

The current version of the Zune device software is version 2.1. This version includes the latest enhancement and all past enhancements. To view the details about the enhancements, see the following table.

Updating Your Zune Software

To install the current Zune device software, follow these steps:

  1. If you are a new Zune customer, install the Zune software that was included with the Zune device or visit http://www.zune.net/setup to obtain and install the software. If you are an existing customer, update the Zune software by clicking Help on the Options menu and then by clicking Check for Updates. If you do not see the Options menu, you already have the current version installed.
  2. Connect the Zune device to a Windows-based computer by using the Zune sync cable. Use a USB port on the back of the computer. Do not use a USB hub.
    Note: If the battery in the Zune device is critically low, we recommend that you charge your Zune device before you continue. For more information about how to charge your Zune device, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    927348 How to charge the battery in your Zune device
  3. Open the Zune software while the Zune device is still connected to the computer. The Zune software searches the Internet for the latest version of the firmware. If a newer version of the Zune firmware is available than the version that you have installed, a notice to update your device appears. You can also manually check for new device updates by clicking Settings, by clicking device, and then by clicking Device Update. If an update is available, click Install.

Important: Do not move or disconnect the Zune device until the update is complete. The update may take several minutes. During this time, the Zune device may restart several times.

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  1. I just bought a Zune for my 14 year old daughter. And have spent the whole day updating my windows, and trying to update the Zune device but keep getting an error message C00D11CD. It currently has 1.1 version but I can not get to update it to the 2.3 version. Anyone able to help me out?!! Desperate mother in Venezuela.

  2. kyle finnell says:

    hey just upgrade your computer it should pop up and ask you!!

  3. Enrique says:

    That sounds good, because the new vesion relased yesterday promises to allow pay games (two included), a clock, and buy the radioFM boradcasted music, but today, when we try to update the 2.5 to the 3.0 version, either the 80gb and the 30 gb ones, anyway, we hada an error message C00D11CD with three possible variants (8000FFFF), (80190197) or (80072EDF), of course, today there is not information about this issue.
    But, enjoy your ZUNE

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